Artesania Latina RMS Titanic Lifeboat - Scale 1:35

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Artesania Latina RMS Titanic Lifeboat - Scale 1:35

Post  Dave on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:53 pm

Artesania Latina RMS Titanic Lifeboat

The RMS Titanic was one of three transatlantic liners, that were owned by White Star Line,and designed by Thomas Andrews. She was built at Harland and Wolff Shipbuilders in Belfast Northern Ireland.
The RMS Titanic, was launched on 31st May 1911 and went into service on 10th April 1912 and at that time was the largest and most luxurious passenger liner in the world, but on the 14th April 1912, she collided with an iceberg that caused a hole of 10 meters in the hull, her designer and builders believed that due to the new design of the bulkheads, the ship was unsinkable, but on that fateful night she sank, with a loss of 2,200 souls.

This kit will enable you to build a faithful reproduction of the RMS Titanic's largest lifeboat, with capacity to hold 65 people.

I am proud to be reviewing this kit as it was a gift from DeAgostini for my Not so serious Victory build on their forums, so before we begin, I would like to thank them again for their generosity.

On opening the box, I was really surprised at the contents, everything, was wrapped in heat seal plastic, after removing the wrappers, I checked the timbers quality, and everything was found to be true and of a high standard, there's a nice selection of timber supplied, and even a stand to fit the boat on when finished.
The timber supplied ranges from Plywood, Walnut, Basswood/Lime, Boxwood to Sapelli.

There are numerous fittings which are cast in white metal and brass, and are provided in a little storage box, which in my opinion is a great little something extra, something I haven't seen in any of my other projects this plastic container can be used again for storage of other ship parts.

The little build book (Instructions) is clear and in colour, and there are some useful little tips for beginners, overall, this looks to be a cracking little model to build, and one of a high quality, thanks to Artasania Latina!

The only downside to this model, there is no full size plan to view, but not too essential as the instructions are clear and as mentioned, in colour, so all in all I would give this kit a 9/10

Kit Rating 9/10

Here are a couple of photos of the construction, I'm sorry I dont have any of the hull construction, due to a technical error (wife formatted the card so our son could use it on his holiday) Shocked

This build however is not up to standard and does contain mistakes as I had to get used to building with one hand! however the good wife Lent her's on many occasions.


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